African Dawn Rises with the birthing of the Peoples ‘Poet

Apart from many other activities as a committed Zimbabwean poet, such as his activity as Outreach Agent for the Zimbabwe Book Development Council, and as Delegate of the Zimbabwe International Book Fair dispatched to the Goteborg International Book Fair in Sweden in 2003, Chirasha was a writer in residence in Egypt in 2006; in 2009 he was invited to participate in the UNESCO Photo Novel Writing Project in Tanzania, and in the same year he took part in the International Conference of African Culture Development in Ghana as a poet in residence (in 2009). He was also Producer/Coordinator of the I am the Artist project, an Artist-in-Residence program of the Zimbabwe Germany Society in collaboration with the Goethe Zentrum

The Republic.
Mandela is our revolutionary cousin, the rainbow is the color of our freedom
Limpopo…..the metaphor of boundaries,
Another paradox
…………recipe of the Rhodesian colonial diet
We are freedom babes of unfinished struggles
Our jugs of liberation are filled with bitter lemon and orange squash
We ate colonial samp with gusto and we shat the diarrhea of poverty
every midnight, dawns come with woes of propaganda toddlers wincing from claps of hunger
This afternoon, ideological imbeciles drank the sweat of the republic and later munched the rich steak of our flag
…..rigged elections are the itch of syphilis clutching the scrotum of the republic
Violence is the oil lubricating the rough political wheels of the state
Kaunda is another revolutionary camaraderie
Zambezi river carries the holy mist of the land, the smoke that thunders
Ngwazi is the grand master of the dictators club
with thumbprints as hieroglyphics on tear-filled presidential coffee mugs
Footprints are the wretched paradox of the torn statehouse carpets
Spirit of Nehanda is the nectar of Chimurenga with a sweet dream of the sweet honeycomb of political deliverance
Kinjikitile remains the soul of the land of Azania,
she was not buried in Bagamoyo, her bones are interred in the crevices of great caves
Tanganyika is the genesis of our revolution, dear Azania, Tanganyika is your kindred cousin
Nzinga sang her psalms alongside King Solomon and Menelik of Ethiopia
Kakurukazi Mungunda held the hands of tata Nujoma past the shadows of death up to the freedom podium, Namibia is the republic of silence, not violence,
……….***************This republic eats the ideological berries of Lenin for breakfast
*****************This republic munches propaganda nuts of Chairman Mao
This republic was birthed between the stitches of bullet and laughter of the gun,
This republic, my republic, your republic.
​ ​ ​ ​


Mine is not Arts for the sake of Arts. It is a revolutionary INSGINA carved into the artistic plaque of my DNA to speak FREEDOM of expression and then freedom after EXPRESSION. The footprints of my revolutionary walk are dipped in the paths of RESISTANCE.  My Ideological Swag -word is CREATIVITY. My spiritual birth mark is RESILIENCE. My revolutionary slogan is a nonviolent but a poetic fist of MASS INSTRUCTION. I am non-selfish believer. I adore to take on head bashing  challenges head on. I value  brew and  experiment positively   with ideas and there- after bring contentment to humanity. My triplet principles are INCLUSIVITY, DIVERSITY and EXCLUSIVITY. I write for the demoralized and dehumanized  to awaken their mental eyes to see candle lights of FREEDOM and like wise to realise that their ballot casts  are used fatten political hyenas and insatiable tyrannical systems in corrupt stinking corridors of power -through  my  insight- ful-torch bearing  hybrid  memoirs,  peasant hoe hardened skull grazing poetic verses, rhythm creamed short fiction mind raving  book reviews and nerve grinding political commentary.I chant RESISTANCE with my pen of DEFIANCE.   I roast dictatorial regimes  with metaphoric acid and disinfect our earth from cantankerous political fungi with ironic calamine lotion. I am a prophet baptizing unrepentant corruption fat cats with acidic spit of pen.   The bullets of my pen dig the truth hidden in the potbellies of propaganda zealots, extortion itching double chins of political pundits, fake election manifestos of revolutionary rejects and sloganeering palms of ideological imbeciles drunk with illicit propaganda cocaine.


Mbizo Chirasha is a Zimbabwean poet, who writes spoken word poetry, page poetry, essays, short and flash fiction, political commentaries, book reviews, memoirs, critical
reviews, blog posts and articles. He is also a spoken word artist and a performance poet. His main artistic interest is in freedom of expression, resistance writings and arts, Arts and Human Rights, African cultural anthropologies, global politics, lives and experiences of exile, asylees and the homeless, the plight of the girl child, women and the elderly, social justice and economic equity as well as voices against dictatorial regimes, corruption, warlords and drug cartels.


Mbizo Chirasha

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