ihraf-africa caps october with a live wordfest-fringe,

The ihraf – africa adapts words into voices through a live literature gig dubbed Voices of Africa- Listen to our Voices . This is a fast paced -rhythm packed follow to the recently launched poetry blockbuster of a book , Voices of Africa: A Call for freedom that featured young /militant/established/brave voices from Africa concocted with a rare breed mix of literary/freedom solidarity voices from Netherlands , Mexico, Cyprus , Greece , Belgium , Krzystazan, China and more other vibrant voices from global diaspora.Voices of Africa was edited /curated by pan- Writivism-laureate and Ihraf African Director,Mbizo Chirasha and published by ihraf books. The live – wordfest fringe is produced by the ihraf.org founder /executive director Tom Block. Five writers were selected from the star-studded creme- dela creme of writers to lively read their writings- the readings are combined with a thought-stimulating Voices of Africa Symposia, the live event readers/writers includes

Mbizo Chirasha (Zimbabwe – Curator)Chukwuma Eke Pacella (Nigeria)Nkululeko Zondi (South Africa)Gorata Ntshwabi (Botswana,Uche Akunebu (Nigeria)

Mbizo Chirasha Founder of the Writing Ukraine Prize (2022-23), UNESCO-RILA Affiliate Artist (University of Glasgow, Scotland). 2020 Poet of Residence at the Fictional Café, 2019 IHRAF Pan Writivism/African Fellow, 2020 free-Speech Fellow at PEN -Germany Writers in Exile Program. Resident Coordinator at All Africa Live Poetry Symposium, Festival Poet at Poesia de Medellin (Columbia), Guest Speaker at SpokenWordOonline (Paris), 2019 live literature hub Producer at Sotambe Film Arts Festival (Kitwe, Zambia). 2009 Poet in Residence at ICACD (Accra, Ghana). 2009 Fellow at UNESCO-Photo Novel Intensive Training (Tanzania). 2011 United States Embassy, Harare Guest Poet at World Poetry Day (Harare, Zimbabwe). 2007 Producer/Coordinator of This is Artist Artist in Residence Project (Goethe-Zentrum, Harare).

Pacella Chukwuma-Eke, NGP Xv is a Nigerian poet, a short story writer, an editor, and a feminist. She is the winner of the Cradle Poetry Contest and joint winner of the FOW Poetry Contest. She is also a recipient of the 2022 Nigeria Prize for Teen Authors (Poetry) and a two-time finalist for the BKPW contest. Her works have appeared or are forthcoming in the Eunoia Magazine, Synchronized Chaos Magazine, BPPC’s “Do Not Die In Their War” collection, Havenspec, Cajun Mutt, Teenlit Journal, My Rainbow Books Collection, Love Portion Anthology, Roses for Cancer Warriors, Mywovenpoetry, and others. She is also a member of The HillTop Creative Arts Foundation and tweets @dancing_poet.

Uche Akunebu, teaches at the international institute of journalism Abuja. Author of 20 books that straddles poetry ,prose ,plays ,and journalism books. Among his bestseller works include;A press man and his pen ,press freedom in Nigeria ;the journey so far, news writing and reporting, specialized writing and reporting,Magazine writing and reporting. Among his works of poetry include; Tears in Tanzania,Floodgates of feeling,Amaka ,Pyton Dance, Come and eat ,Walk with me . His plays include , Circle of corruption, Oga Vendor , Verdict of the ancestors and Walls have ears. Has been published in several anthologies. Was former Vice -chairman of association of Nigerian authors,Abuja chapter. A peace ambassador of the united nations and fellow of institute of Nigerian Corporate administration.Presently teaches journalism,at the international institute of journalism Abuja. Married to Dr Amaka Akunebu,with three kids.

  • Gorata Mighty Ntshwabi is a Botswana citizen, registered poetess here in as Poko Boswa Poetry my Heritage, Living Arts specialising in both traditional and contemporary poetry both oral and writtenShe is an author of an English poetry book ‘Exploring the Roots Poetry my Heritage, Living Arts self-published in 2016Gorata holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in social sciences with majors in Pociology and psychology from Central University of Technology Free State in South Africa and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education in African Languages and Literature from the University of BotswanaShe works for the Botswana Government as a Senior Gender Officer and her goal is to advocate for the promotion of gender equality, inspire the young generation and unearth talent from grass roots level

Nkululeko Zondi was born in Durban and raised in Soweto. His journey in writing started in high school after he realised he was always on top of his class when it came to creative writing. Both an essayist and a poet, he writes predominantly in isiZulu and English. A former undergraduate student of the University of Johannesburg and a graduate of the University of South Africa in Anthropology and Psychology, he has appeared in numerous publications such as The Mail & Guardian, The Star, The Daily Maverick and the Kalahari Literary Review.


As curator Mbizo Chirasha noted: “The Voices of Africa: A Cal for Freedom is an exhibition of brave, candid, and militant voices, voices calling for freedom, freedom from autocracy, independent from manipulation, liberation from pseudo-revolutionary movements, corruption-oiled ideological imbeciles sniffing damning propaganda in political corridors, turning political seats and presidential castles into butchers and looting machines. This collection sends a powerful message to African political, economic, and cultural leadership. The Voices will sanitize the unrepentant legions we call leaders into morality and sanity.

IHRAF expands the power of art and supports artists in their quest to heal the world. We utilize the soul-force of positive creativity in all media to work toward a world where human rights are honored equally for all.The IHRAF uses our platforms to give voice to artists and issues around the world. We protect freedom of expression by highlighting those who might be suppressed or oppressed in their home countries.We bring together all members of society through our programming, from artists-in-exile and at risk; to activists on the front lines of the struggle for rights and justice in their own country; to creators working in all media; to national and international politicians, government agencies, social leaders and celebrities.  We believe that creative engagement with all members of the society is the surest path toward social justice and positive change.

Mbizo Chirasha is a globally awarded Pan-Writivism laureate,Curator/Editor of Voice of Africa: A Call for freedom anthology(ihraf.org/books), ihraf Africa live -reading /Virtual book launch organizer(ihraf.org/events).African Director(ihraf.org).Chirasha works an anthologist, literary arts activism influencer,Visiting Writer, Poet in Residence , Writivism Projects Curator and AfricanWriting Associate.


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