WOMAWORD is a new/vibrant/independent press to claim the podiums of the global literary-scape


Alongside many other literary/writivism/creative and artistic projects like Time of the Poet Republic. We are putting together a vibrant /independent publishing stable WOMAWORD aiming to empower/exhibit women voices of literary clout and global appeal. Our publishing ideology is biased towards women writers/activists/literalists/poets that their writings/voices be read/experienced unto the world literary-scape.

The name of this press WOMAWORD is adapted from one dynamic blogsite WomaWord Literary Press founded by Mbizo Chirasha , advised by the late dynamic literary dexter Jamie Dedes and it was assisted to growth by free-speech fellowship granted to the curator by PEN Germany Writers in Exile Program.The fellowship was seconded by both literary powerhouses Jamie Dedes and Andreas Weiland.



This is done with the scope of gender equality, tolerance and easing the gusts of cultural stereotypes ,moral discord and societal decadence . Women submissions will comprise 70 percent of our content and the remaining percent is for upcoming authors and men.

joyce mhango-chavula

The WOMAWORD stable accepts poetry , short stories and hybrid narratives and we publish unadulterated raw talent , creative dexterity and literary prowess. Manuscripts will go under serious scrutiny , requisite evaluations and thorough assessments before publications


The editorial and reading teams and necessary logistics are to be announced in due course and currently inaugural book releases are underway .

On top of this publishing opportunity , the coming year of 2023 has amazing openings that includes the Writing Ukraine Prize, African Verse Award , Time of the Poet global poetry anthology and the Poetry Nations Poetry collection. Some of these literary gemstones are already under way.

awadifo olga kili,uganda

For more information on WOMAWORD email at womawordpress@mbizotheblackpoet


Mbizo Chirasha is the founder of WOMAWORD and the WRITING UKRAINE PRIZE, publisher at Time of the Poet Republic, curator at Pan Writers Caravan , Poetry Nations Collective and the Brave Voices Poetry Journal. editor at Voice of Africa(ihraf.org/books).Curated Second Name of Earth is PEACE(worldbeyondwar.org) .Chirasha is a pan- writivism laureate, UNESCO -RILA Affiliate Artist at University of Glasgow, School of Education. Poet in Residence emerita(fictionalcafe) and African Director(ihraf.org)


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