IntroductionMbizo Chirasha is  the founder of the Writing Ukraine Prize (2022-23), UNESCO-RILA Affiliate Artist (University of Glasgow, School of Education, Scotland).2020 Poet of Residence at the Fictional Café (International literary culture Writers Space).2019 IHRAF Pan Writivism/African Fellow .2020 free-Speech Fellow at PEN -Germany Writers in Exile Program. Resident Coordinator at All Africa Live Poetry Symposium (100tpc, USA, global).Festival Poet at Poesia de Medellin( Columbia), Guest Writer  at University of Glasgow Creative Writing Programme(Sept,2020). Guest Speaker at SpokenWordOonline(Paris).2019 live literature hub Producer at Sotambe Film Arts Festival (Kitwe, Zambia). 2015Jury President at Shungunamutitima Film Festival (Livingstone, Zambia).2009 Poet in Residence at ICACD (Accra, Ghana). 2009 Fellow at UNESCO-Photo Novel Intensive Training (Tanzania).2011 United States Embassy, Harare Guest Poet at World Poetry Day (Harare, Zimbabwe).2007 Producer/Coordinator of This is Artist Artist in Residence Project (Goethe-Zentrum, Harare) 2006 United Nations Tribute to Kofi Annan Poet .2003 ZIBF ,100 Best Books Young literary/writing delegate to Goteborg Book Fair (Sweden).

Projects– Chirasha is the Publisher of the Time of the Poet Republic.  Curator of WOMAWORDS Literary Press. Editor in Chief at Brave Voices Poetry Journal.  Chief Blogger at Porcupine-Quill blog(wixsite). Founder/Curator at AfricanWritersCaravan. Author of MbizoChirasha (AfricanWilliamBlake)blog journal. Mbizo Chirasha was the Creative Director of Girlchild Creativity Project and Urban Colleges Writers Prize.

Books– Author of A Letter to the President(Mwanaka Media,Zimbabwe),
Pilgrims of Zame(FootPrint,Malawi).

 Co-Authored Whispering Woes of Ganges and Zambezi(Cyberpress),

Co-Authored Metaphors of the Rainbow( Footprint Publishing)

Curated/Co-Edited Corpses of Unity( solidarity with Cameroon Victims of War)

 Co-Edited/CuratorSecond Name of the Earth is Peace(Anti-war collection,USA) ,

Co-edited/Curator Bilingual digital Anthololgy Street Voices (, Germany ),

Editor/Curator Voices of Africa: A Call for freedom Anthology( ihraf books USA)

 Editor/Curator Disgrace-land(Kindle collection)African

African Writing Associate/Contributor- to more than 500 places(online/print) at Four Spaces(Greece),The EvergreenReview( USA), Aloka Mag( UK) , Demer Press (Holland). World Poetry Almanac(Mongolia),Poetry London(UK), Street Voices (Germany) , Cultural Daily (USA),One ghana One Voice(Ghana),Poesia de -Medellin(Columbia), gramnet(Scotland) Monk Arts and Soul Mag (UK). Bezine.Com(USA). FamAsiaMag (UK), Blackwell Pamphlet of Poetry (Oxford school of poetry), Ditch Poetry (Canada), WordCityliteraryJournal (Canada, global), the Evergreen Review (USA). Ovi Mag( Finland),DiogenPlus( Turkey), Ink Sweat and Tears (UK), The Poet Mag (UK), Spill Words (USA), Litnet (South Africa), Slipnet literary journal (SouthAfrica). Sentinel (UK), Poetry London (UK), Poesis.si (Slovenia), Atunis galatika (Belgium), New Coin (South Africa),WrathBearingTree( USA).Iminspired( UK). PoetryQuestion(USA)WordCity monthly (curated and edited by Darcie Friesen Hossack,Ditch Poetry( Albert University , Creative Writing,
Canada). Full of Crow( Canada), Scarlet Leaf ( Canada). Poetry Potion
( Canada). Poetry Soup( USA) . Poetry Hunter( USA).SACRED SPACES( edited bySophie Lévy Burton),Voices of Diversity (Passion
for Poetry, curated by Antje Sehn, Italy
International) Ihraf Publishes (USA), Diasporan online (Spain), OfiPress( Mexico city).Poetry Bulawayo (Zimbabwe), Zimbolicious (Zimbabwe), the Zimbabwean (Zimbabwe) and more

International Intervention/Fellowships – A globally Certified
Word Culture and Literary Arts Influencer , Academia Mundal de
Literatura ,Historia, Arte y

Publisher TIME OF THE POET REPUBLIC Digital Writers
Center (International).

UNESCO -RILA Affiliate Artist (Glasgow,
Scotland) (gramnet.wordpress.com).

Africa OutReach Coordinator

2019 African Fellow for the International Human Rights
Art Festival(https://ihraf.org/international-fellows ) .

of All Africa Poetry Symposium(100tpc.org).

Co-Team Member
and Poetry Arts Activist
at BeZine Arts and Humanities Magazine
(Bezine.com, USA).

(USA) (https://worldbeyondwar.org/secondname).

2020 Freedom of
Speech/Literary Arts Activism Culture Fellow at PEN-Zentrum
Deutschland, (Germany).

Co-Editor of Street Voices Volume7 (with
Andreas Weiland, German, English).

Poet in Residence at the Fictional
Cafe, (USA) (https://www.fictionalcafe.com/please-welcome-mbizo…).

2019 Curator SotambeFestival Live Literature Hub/Word Fringe (Kitwe, Zambia).

2015 Artist in Residence at Shungunamutitima Film and Arts Festival
(Livingstone, Zambia).

2011 International Poetry Day Guest Reading
(USA Embassy Cultural Events, Harare).

2003 Young Writers Delegate to
the Goterborg International Book Fair (Sida Diplomatic Luncheon, Swedish
Writers Union, Sida Africa Pavilion and Nordic African Institute,

2009 Poet in Residence of International African Culture and
Development,ICACD( Accra, Ghana).

2009 Writer/Publisher Fellow to the
Inaugural UNESCO Photo Novel Intensive Training (Tanzania)

Special Poetry Artist of Zimbabwe Travel Expo (Tourism Authority,

2006 United Nations Day Poet (Tribute to Kofi Annan, UN
Mission Zimbabwe).

2020 Festival Readings/ Writers Symposia

– Festival de Poesia
de Medellin, (Colombia).

– University of Glasgow Creative Writing
Programme, (Scotland).

 -World Poetry Festival, (USA).

York USA).

– Rucksack Poetry Patch, Voices of Diversity, (Italy and

-International Human Rights Day, IHRAF Arts Concert and Poetry
Live Symposia, (New York, USA)


Ideology Zimbabwean Poet, Writer and Artist for Human Freedoms in exile Mbizo
Chirasha writes spoken word poetry, page poetry, essays, short and
flash fiction, political commentaries, book reviews, memoirs,
criticalreviews, blog posts and articles. He is also a spoken word
artist and a performance poet.His main artistic interest is in freedom
of expression, resistance writings and arts, Arts and Human Rights,
African cultural anthropologies, global politics, lives and
experiences of exile, asylees and the homeless, the plight of the girl
child, women and the elderly, social justice and economic equity as
well as voices against dictatorial regimes, corruption, warlords and
drug cartels.