Independent Press to publish book folios , eBooks,
paperbacks and chapbooks . The press is biased towards exhibiting women literary/artistic/creative voices
from all over the world .




create , connect , engage for publishing

Publishing Services include

a). Manuscript Assessment and Report

b). Manuscript Reading and Editing

c). Product Design and Production

d). Pre- publication

                                                                e). Post publication visibility /publicity/marketing/customerbase engagement

                                                                             CONTACT- womawordpress@gmail.com




Times Roman font

manuscript size 60 pages to 150pages

-A Clean
Manuscript ready for publishing-

A  proof read /correctly paged Manuscript

-The Copyright
is returned to the sole author

IDEOLOGY-Accept poetry, short stories and
hybrid narratives all year round

  • Do not send unsolicited
  • Accept 70 percent women
    projects and 30 percent men projects




writing heals, poetry saves, 
stories grow us and women are
next to gods


let not the wind change your direction
change the direction of the wind
the howl of the wind is loud 
like that of a dog  and it eases 
with time, rise with dawn and write




writing heals, poetry saves, 
stories grow us and women are
next to gods


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