The Jury Panel passed their Writing Ukraine Prize Longlist Verdict

Judging the large number of entries we received was for me a rewarding process for several reasons. First, it was fascinating to sift through the tremendous variety, and listen to the many voices that spoke out of the poems. Second, it was gratifying to praise genuinely well-crafted pieces, the very best of which have a touch of brilliance. Lastly, the variety itself confirmed the idea I’ve always entertained that poems can be their very own thing. Of the submitted works, some drew on oral traditions, or holy books and prayers, or on established formal schemes and elements. Some demonstrated courageous experimentation, while others reflected the spirit and determination of rap lyrics. It’s all good, as many of these poems showed me. I’m exceedingly grateful for having had the opportunity to read and learn from them-(Commentary by Writing Ukraine Prize Jury Member Dr. Olga Stein,)

Cathleen Davies Jury Member of the Writing Ukraine Prize

“It was an honor and a privilege to be a part of the judging process. We read through hundreds of submissions, and the standard was exceptionally high. Poetry is raw, emotional, and personal, meaning it is often difficult to judge, however the long list truly demonstrates the talent, truth, and beauty in our community. Thank you to everyone who submitted. It was a joy to read your words”-( Writing UkrainePrize 2023 Jury Member , Editor/Author Cathleen Davies).

Dr.Geraldine Sinyuy, Writing Ukraine Prize Jury Member

Our Judging panel has just completed to evaluate the long awaited Long list of the Writing Ukraine Prize 2023, the Long list is now released. This was a highly contested international humanitarian Writivism literary prize. The submissions were of great quality and reflected the power poetry carries in transforming, growing, educating, informing, defending, and cultivating our communities for sanity, peace, expression, hope and continuity. This is our first Writing Ukraine Prize instalment that consists of the Prize itself and the forthcoming  Writing Ukraine Global Anthology adapted from the submitted entries of the Writing Ukraine Prize .The selected 30 of the Long list will automatically be part of this Writing Ukraine Global Book Anthology. They qualify to get into second round of the Short list of (15) and the short list will be trimmed into the (8entries) final winners of the Writing Ukraine Prize 2023, the winners will be announced and be awarded through an Official Writing Ukraine Prize Awards Ceremony that will be presided upon by the Governing laureates, Judges and the Curatorial team of this inaugural international humanitarian literary criticism outfit. Kudos to the sterling  /mammoth work by the Judges that includes  Prof Jeffery Allen , Dr. Geraldine Sinyuy , Editor Cathleen Davies , Dr. Olga Stein. Thumbs up our leadership community /governing laureates Humanitarian Expert/Multi-Award winning Author Ruth Mukwana and Diversity Mental Health/Wellness Guru Caroline Ribeiro-Nelson.The Writing Ukraine Prize Project is founded/curated by pan Writivism Laureate, Literary Arts Activism Diplomatie and Poet in Residence Emerita, Zimbabwean Mbizo Chirasha.

Together We Rise

Executive Curator/Founder ( Mbizo Chirasha)


1. Damilola Omotoyinbo   (Ibadan, Nigeria), harvest of withering peduncles and midnight

2.Alekwe Chukwufumaya( Ekpoma, Nigeria), Becoming a Nightmare

3.Roula Pollard, (Anthens , Greece), Children of Ukraine, Ukraine Kievs Siegel

4.Chidiebere Odeokechukwu( Enugu , Nigeria) , Smouldering Kiev

5.Mildred K Barya( Uganda), The Shape of Light , The Captors Demand on us an Anthem, Do these pieces belong?

6.Ellen Zhang( Boston,USA), Still Listen for Birds, The music smells in Kiev

7.Joan Leotta( Calabash NC,USA), Thoughts of Ukraine

8.Monique Leferink Op Reinink( Leusden , Netherlands), The Path

9.Andrew Kirimi( Kenya) ,Gains of Losses

10.Beatrice Mwenda( Nairobi) Kenya,  The Songs of Distraught Revolution

11.Carol J Scamman( USA) Spectral laundress

12.Ostap Soroka( Ontario Canada), Hawkers, Family of four parts

13. Tony Bennett ( Capetown, South Africa), Beyond Reason,Left Behind,Sleeping in the Hell)

14 .Jeremiah Maengedze( Masvingo, Zimbawe), Roses from Babylon

15.Abdujalal Musa Aliyu( Kaduna , Nigeria), House of Hope, In these poem God descends to the lowest heaven

16.Lucas Wafula ( Bungoma, Kenya), The Spirit of Kherson, The Skies will be Blue and Fields Golden

17.Abigail George (Gqeberha, South Africa) Dear Starry Night , the Ukraine- Russia is the Interview of the Week

18 .Testimony Odey( Abuja , Nigeria) , Tonight , I Carry my sisters head in my hands

19.Robin Lim , CPM, ( Bali , Indonesia),  Close our sky , Not talking about war

20 .Chiwente Onyekwelu( Anambra state, Nigeria),  In Memorium

21.Justice Masangano( Lilongwe , Malawi) , Hello War Monger

22. Agbeye Oburumu( Port Harcourt,Nigeria), Brambles

23.Ojo Victoria IIemobayo( Lagos ,Nigeria) Shield of Disaster

24.Sue Zhu( NewZealand/ China)  After Autumn harvest……….

25.Ruvimbo Jeche( Harare, Zimbabwe), About Last Sunrise

26. James Coburn( Oklahoma, USA) , Blue and Yellow

27.Darlin Ruud ( Kapsabet,Kenya), Commander in Chief

28.Tatah Allen Laika( Bameda , Cameroon), The Unholy Romance

29. Gorata Mighty Nsthwabi( Gaborone, Botswana),Why ?

30.Chukwunedum Paul Oranye( Nigeria), White flag is victory

31.Nettabella Rachael Simiyu(Ethopia/Kenya), Prestigious Ripples

Prof Jeffery Allen Writing Ukraine Prize Judge

Writing Ukraine Prize is an international poetry writing contest that seeks to speak against all forms of wars, conflicts and politically motivated crisis that is now deeply imbedded in many countries around the world that of recent Ukraine, Palestine, DRC Congo, Sudan,
Maiduguri (Nigeria), Vietnam and more. The Writing Ukraine Prize and
Book Project seeks to explore on issues of war/conflict forced
migration, the plight of refugees ([poverty, hunger plus disease),
moral decadence and economic collapse and as well as lack belonging to
the displaced and war-torn communities. Writing Ukraine Prize and Book
Project seeks to give a voice/space to writers/poets against war to
write their verse in solidarity with Ukraine and other war-torn
republics around the world.

Writing Ukraine Prize is the project title that represents all war-torn nations affected by all forms of conflict as caused by greed, religious discord, the quest for power, tyranny, super-power supremacy and misrule. Writers /entrants are given the whole space to explore and speak against war and global conflicts (this writing contest project falls under the scope of WRITIVISM).


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